Compressor – Clarke Hunter 50

Acquired from Freecycle. It wasn’t working. It seemed like an electrical fault. First thing was to check the plug and the fuse.Someone had put a Spanish plug on it, so I disconnected that and put a three-pin plug on it. As the compressor is designed for live, neutral and earth it wouldn’t work without the earth wire.Still didn’t work, but at least it had current – it didn’t before the plug was changed.

Removed the cover of the interruptor switch, put on a test screwdriver, and it fired into life. The noise frightened the life out of me and I nearly went through the store backwards. I hadn’t expected the motor to work.

The next step was to look for the parts to put it right. As I was busy working, I decided to let the shop fit the parts as well and left the compressor with them. They gave it an overhaul, changed the oil, fitted the new switch and I bought a new flexi air-line.

Total cost – approx £120 for a machine worth around £600 – or more in Gibraltar. Half of the cost was labour, and the parts costs were for an air filter element, switch, back entry gauge, nipples, a plastic cover and a gland.

Oh and if anyone is wondering what on earth this has to do with Land Rovers… respray?