Speed kills

The photo says it all.


Random photos sequel

And to complete the random photos ..

Here is a brill exped vehicle. We were very impressed with the security plating over the rear windows. Totally different to the usual grilles but very effective and clever. Interesting roof conversion too, adds height, don’t know whether it lifts, guessing not. We did leave a contact email on the windscreen of this one as we thought it was such a good and practical job but never heard from them. Oh well.

Both rear and middle windows covered by plates. Not sure what the purpose of those holes above the headlamps is?

One rear window plated including a grille, and the middle one darkened out.

Saw this one on the N340, can’t remember what it was – but looking back now, maybe a jeep?

Hello 🙂

Another exped vehicle outside the Bristol Hotel.

Closer look at the Hannibal roof tent.

Another new Landy in Gib. Very new.

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