Forward Control 2B

Here is a view of some local scenery.

Adrian likes Land Rovers. Of any sort – if they are old.

And the dog already has his own blog, so I am certainly not, and I mean not, maintaining a Landyblog – well not until today that was.

So here is a Land Rover Santana Forward Control Series 2B which lives not far out the back of us.

It is used on an aguacate finca (avocado farm) and it takes the aguacates to the local corrida (wholesale veg market) in our village.

It often drives past our house, but sadly Land Rover Smitten Adrian never has the camera on him.

So one day he found it when he was having a brief wander.

For any similarly smitten people – drool on. It’s the only one we have seen here in Andalucia.