The wished-for Christmas present

Before Christmas we managed to take a week’s holiday so drove up to the finca.

The last time we drove down to Gib, the engine cut out when we turned out of the lane into the main street.

Once back in Gib, it didn’t get forgotten about, rather put on the back burner as work took priority, and we rarely use the LR in the city.

So driving up to the finca, all went well. A good journey. Leaving the main road to turn into the village, left hand indicator on – engine cut out.

Started up again, and we pulled up outside the house. Reversed back to park close to the kerb. Engine cut out again. Even Mr and Ms Non-Electrical could work out there was an electrical problem that happened when some lights came on (LH indicator and reversing light).

Rather than spending the week messing around trying to diagnose the fault, we took the easy option and booked her into the local auto-electrician’s which is pretty good.

Needless to state it wasn’t difficult and he diagnosed it in about two seconds flat. Those of you who know more than us about electrics – not difficult – will no doubt have worked out what it was. One of my internet friends guessed it correctly straightaway. Oh well, electrics are not our strong point.

It needed a new ignition switch and barrel ie complete unit. One advantage was that we got new keys – and we have needed a spare one since we got the LR.

It wasn’t too expensive either as it obviously didn’t take long. The only problem was that it needed to come from M├ílaga, and it was a holiday weekend. So sadly we had to extend the holiday and take a couple of extra days off work.

Obviously needing something to do during those extra days, Partner went to look at another Santana. Older than ours but the same model, diesel, 3.5, 6-cylinder. The intention is to buy it for spare parts – although it seems such a shame to break something that would probably work with a bit of TLC.

Mmmmm he was lusting after it. And still is.