The fog

Every drive down the N340 in Spain is full of surprises.  Appalling drivers, bush fires, and – the fog.

The Fog was a 1980 film by John Carpenter which had a spooky fog that swept in over a coastal town in California and brought lots of mariners ghosts with it.  Carpenter also did the brilliant Assault on Precinct 13 (1976).

So here, travelling up the N340, approaching Estepona from the south, in our Landy, was The Fog.

Creeping in from the sea.

Fog creeps in from the sea

We watched it roll in from the sea as we drove up the coast and suddenly..

…. it was enveloping us.


… more fog..

.. and still more fog….

And then suddenly we were clear enough for ‘planes to land at Málaga airport.

All set for a clear landing

8 thoughts on “The fog

  1. That’s really spooky in the first pic,it’s so low and localised.
    You obviously escaped the ancient mariners (great film, but wouldn’t want to star in it).

    • We’d talked about sea frets before and I just had to take the piccies. In fact it was A who spotted it rolling in from the sea, and suddenly we were in there. Have to say I love it. So unreal.

  2. It was apparently Herodotus who said… “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”… I thought it was coined by/for the postal services. Anyway… looking at the blurb for this blog, I think not… if you add “fog” and “bushfire”, and change “couriers” to “Landys”, is more like it 😉

  3. Agree with Vicky, that is really spooky in the 1st shot.

    ‘The fog’ is a great film but sadly I don’t get to watch the scarier films that often as my wife is a wimp 😉

    • I’m a wimp too, but if it’s a good film and I get hooked into it, I end up watching it. My partner chooses the films, I either watch or fall asleep.

      It was great to watch it moving in from the sea, although not that easy to capture from a moving Land Rover. I took some more this weekend but these were fog floating around the hill type shots, and I don’t want a fog blog 😀

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