Irish Defender

Nicely kitted out, and spotted in one of our local car parks. Hope you had a nice trip.

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4 thoughts on “Irish Defender

    • We don’t watch top gear, although my partner will if he is someone else’s home and it is on, he used to be glued to it. So I don’t know about any new developments. There are so many floating around now that I have lost touch.

      The old ones were the best ones, is all I have to say. We’re looking at investing a bit time and TLC on our older two.

      • We tend to go “classic”, too – they are often easier to work on and made to last better. (I am still sad we let go our old, old, old big jeep wagoneer – the really big old style – it was practically indestructible – perfect for Houston traffic and it could haul all sorts of stuff without complaining)
        I realized a few days later you don’t watch TV – we turn it on for selected programs – that’s one we like.

        • I took an aversion to it when Jeremy Clarkson was on there, and I gather he still appears from time to time. Some of their other presenters are pretty good.

          I don’t know if there has even been a classic type of programme covering the full range of classic vehicles, restorations etc, but I would watch that.

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