Compressor – Clarke Hunter 50

Acquired from Freecycle. It wasn’t working. It seemed like an electrical fault. First thing was to check the plug and the fuse.Someone had put a Spanish plug on it, so I disconnected that and put a three-pin plug on it. As the compressor is designed for live, neutral and earth it wouldn’t work without the earth wire.Still didn’t work, but at least it had current – it didn’t before the plug was changed.

Removed the cover of the interruptor switch, put on a test screwdriver, and it fired into life. The noise frightened the life out of me and I nearly went through the store backwards. I hadn’t expected the motor to work.

The next step was to look for the parts to put it right. As I was busy working, I decided to let the shop fit the parts as well and left the compressor with them. They gave it an overhaul, changed the oil, fitted the new switch and I bought a new flexi air-line.

Total cost – approx £120 for a machine worth around £600 – or more in Gibraltar. Half of the cost was labour, and the parts costs were for an air filter element, switch, back entry gauge, nipples, a plastic cover and a gland.

Oh and if anyone is wondering what on earth this has to do with Land Rovers… respray?


2 thoughts on “Compressor – Clarke Hunter 50

  1. A compressor is a really useful tool to have even if you are not spraying. I bought a new one from Machine Mart about 16 years ago. It wasn’t cheap then, about £300, so dread to think how much they are now but as well as spraying I’ve used it for shot blasting axles, inflating tyres, blowing out holes etc when rebuilding engines and even used it to unblock our drains!

    I need a new air filter for mine as I stupidly left the compressor a bit too close to me when I was sparying my body panels in the garden earlier this year and the filter is now clogged up.

    I see this was 2009 – I hope yours is still going strong now. 🙂

    • Absolutely. In fact it mostly gets used for pumping up the bike tyres, like it did this weekend, wheelbarrow tyre and sack barrow tyre. Ours has been used for blowing the dust off rattan cane furniture too! Touch wood it still seems ok, and we still have a smaller one, which needless to state also came from Machine Mart. 😉

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