Some 4×4 trucks

So this isn’t totally Land Rover related, but we do stop and look at old trucks.

And they are 4x4s.

So here are a few pix.

Seen today, a German truck with a winch and a half.

And a nice little escape hatch in the roof. So cool.

We saw a similar truck two or three years ago down the beach. The guy only stayed one night because he got hassle from the police.

His truck was from East Germany and this one looked pretty similar.

From last summer, the Bedford truck that we helped get back on the road.

And a Unimog spotted down the beach last year too.

Oh and finally, a Land Rover – of course. Seen in Gib. Right hand drive – looks like an ex-mil ambulance. Kiwi or Aus? by the look of the brush bar.

ETA: Thanks to Stu for pointing out that “it looks like a Marshall-bodied ambulance which was the standard military ambulance of the time, and those brush bars were common on Landy fire tenders (TACR1) of the same era, so I’d say it’s from this side of the globe.”

I think you are right Stu. Apart from anything else it is a long time since Adrian was in Aus (and me too), so anything he saw could well have come from the UK in the first place. However I have had a little lookie at the brush bars on the TACR1s, and you are spot on with that – they are exactly the same. Maybe it came from a TACR1 on the Gib airfield?

And thanks for doing the research for me that I didn’t bother to do! Cheers mate.


The Muehli’s┬ásaid…
Hi there,Just happened to see your link to your Landy blog after visiting your dog blog (came from our dog blog for Ayla the Newf) and just had to visit. Love your Defi – have one myself! We go crazy when we see all these great off-roaders too, especially the huge expedition vehicles. We’d love to get one ourselves but just haven’t justified how we can drive around in one all the time! lolLooking forward to more photos & stories! We’ve got a few of our own here:http://liftedroadtrips.blogspot.comTiffany

7 MARCH 2008 09:42
Anonymous said…
oh how I would love to power one of these down our very narrow one way high street!J and M xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

14 MARCH 2008 21:24