109 ambulance

 Went for a walk this arvo, and set off down the street. Suddenly realised it would be more sensible to go uphill.

Whereupon, I spotted this fine 109 ambulance.

After chatting for a bit, I ran off down the street to get Adrian who needed to be alerted immediately to the presence of a Land Rover being fiddled on very nearby.

1981, fitted with a 19J four cylinder turbo diesel, Kenlowe fan, and Defender front end. Of course Adrian may have got some of this wrong. The engine looked very well fitted, pix next time maybe. Previously fitted with a V8.

Then I left them to it.

A good way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Yes?

Mine was spent taking pictures of Fedra – here.


Ex 4×4 driver said…
I think you should carry a pager with you at all times in case of Land Rover Sightings.It looks an interesting vehicle.Ex 4×4 driver.

28 OCTOBER 2008 16:58