LRUK Forums

When we first joined the internet, we signed up for lots of Land Rover forums. Or rather Adrian did.

But the first one we signed up for was LRUK forums. It’s the one we post on the most, and we have had some good advice from it. We also have tried to post back advice, when we can.

On some of the others, people have offered to meet us. But not on LRUK, until recently.

The forum is pretty international, with members from North and Central America, even a few from South America (I think), some from Australia and New Zealand, a few from the Middle East and Asia too. Nearer to home there is a great Maltese section and a few of us in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.


But one of the most active non-UK groups is based in South Africa. They are regular contributors and have some great stories.

Marc contacted us about his trip to Europe. He was travelling from Lisbon to Alicante and was thinking about detouring via Gibraltar and asked if we were interested in meeting.

We thought it would be cool, but didn’t know whether they would turn up. Seemed a big detour to us, but maybe not to someone from Africa.

So on Christmas Eve – we got the ‘phone call. They were in Morrison’s supermarket in Gibraltar.

Great Christmas Marc and Brigid. Thanks for coming.

Marc and Brigid admiring a Triumph Stag – they’d not seen one in South Africa