Some time ago one of our neighbours had her car kicked in.

It was parked in a relatively safe place – or so we would all have thought – although not in a particularly busy (hence safe) or well-lit area.

Months later we parked up from there, in a well-lit spot where people walked past.

No problems for months – until….

… Saturday morning and a rear window was smashed.

Not smashed in, just suitably smashed with a tiny hole where whatever it was had been thrown at the window.

Needless to state, there were lots of broken bottles around the area.

Decided to seal it up for the journey back to Spain. Nice bag and some strong gaffer tape to get us through the border and avoid it shattering en route.

Just as well we did, because on the return journey it had shattered shortly before arriving in Gib.

Nice piece of board cut ready to fit while hunting down some glass. (Also carefully left in the pub so I had to go and retrieve it).

Still waiting to fit the board.


Tiffany @ NOH┬ásaid…
That is so harsh. Poor little Defi.

When we were climbing in Locarno, Switzerland, we parked our Defender in a little public lot that seemed like it was a fairly safe corner. We noticed a really nice Audi parked by us and figured things couldn’t be too bad. Went back the next morning and the Audi was perched up on rocks. Someone had stolen all the wheels off the car. Thankfully didn’t touch the Defender, though!

21 MARCH 2009 23:29