Took a wander round the Ark Royal when it came into Gib as part of British Forces Open Day.

It is huge. Or rather the aircraft hanger is huge as you would expect. The aircraft hanger was as much as we got to see, but there was some interesting stuff in there.

Not least this. Being ignorant in all things military I had to ask one of my sources what it was. He told me it was an AWD tractor, used for moving aircraft both on board and on land. A Douglas Tugmaster apparently. Thanks and credit to my source for finding out for me.

Of course there were a couple of Defenders to look at too, parked up at the Royal Naval Dockyard on the Open Day.

Next up – latest on our Landy and what he wants for Christmas……..


A few pix

A selection of Land Rovers seen over the last few weeks.

So first up, three LRs parked near to each other in one of the car parks. Two Discoverys, and a Defender SWB.

Note the Maggiolina on one of the Discos which Partner is lusting after (the roof tent not the Disco – there are limits).

In the background of the shot with the red Disco, is the British War Memorial.

Lastly, what looks like the same Landy I posted about back in March, although slightly different appearance. One day we will catch the owner to speak to them.