Santana water pump / agua de bomba

wp1This post will be in English and Spanish.

Escribo este en español y inglés.

We booked the Santana in for MOT and the same day, after checking it over, there was suddenly water coming out of the front. Cancelled the MOT, and decided to investigate. It wasn’t going to pass.

Identified the water pump as the culprit, and a weekend or so later, with the help of good mate Sean, removed, front grill, housing and radiator, and then finally got to the water pump.

Tuvimos una cita par el ITV (MOT en inglés), y lo mismo día, después de mirar todo, hay agua saliendo desde el frente del coche. Cancelación del ITV, y decidimos a investigar. El coche no va a gañar el certificado.

El culpada era la agua de bomba. Un fin de semana luego, con ayuda de nuestro amigo Sean, quitamos el grille adelentera, cosas plasticas para guardar los manos atras del ventilador, y en fin, llegamos al agua de bomba.

Click any photo to magnify the image and start a slide show.

Haz ‘clic’ en algun foto para magnificar y commencar un ‘slideshow’.

Stripped the water pump from the engine block, and managed to snap a stud. That’s a separate issue.

Quitamos la bomba, y rompemos un tornillo largo. Hay otra cosa.

Here it is. But what is it? Where to buy??

Aquí esta la bomba. Pero, que es? A donde compra?

Water pump to engine block

Water pump to engine block

Water pump plus viscous fan

Water pump plus viscous fan


7 thoughts on “Santana water pump / agua de bomba

  1. Hey, you still have a land rover blog too! How about a post on how you get in and out of the land rover with your bad foot and a couple of pics… don’t be shy! 😀

    • Easily actually, LR designed it especially for me. I’ve always got in by just sitting on the street straight from the kerb. Bit hard to describe, but it’s basically a long leg thing. Quite elegant. I don’t have to climb or clamber in 🙂

      The bloody agua de bomba arrived yesterday – in Spain. Got an email from the guy I’ve bought it from saying the agencia was trying to localizar me. They couldn’t find me. Obviously not. It’s only a week bloody late! Typical Spanish.

  2. Hi All,help needed in locating a water pump for Santana 109 series 3 1984 6 cyclinder straight engine. We are in Ireland just bought her in Amsterdam and drove her back . My email is
    Please if any one can let me know where I can get one.
    Pauline & Kieran

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