Toll roads – Costa del Sol

And the good news is, the toll prices have gone down with the end of the summer holidays.

Mountains on the way up at the rest area between Estepona and Marbella.

It wasn’t all cloud though – blue sky looking towards the coast.


So new prices:
Fuengirola – Marbella: €3.75
Marbella – Estepona: €2.55

(although I could have sworn on the way up it was €4.15 between Marbella and Fuengirola).

Finally we decided to try some tapas at Los Altos de Marbella service station/rest area/restaurant, narrowly beating a coachload of customers to the counter. Phew.

1 racion of pimientos asados
1 racion of ensalada de patatas (incl egg and olives)
1 portion of pizza
bread included
1 coke
1 18.75cl bottle of Rioja

Total: €14.60



Potato salad.

And yes, the helpings were bigger originally. They were well demolished by the time photos were taken…