The alternator seemed to be a bit iffy.

It didn’t seem to be holding its charge.

Bloody alternators cost a fortune in Spain. We know because when we arrived the one on the Series III started playing up.

At the time we got it checked out at a local robo, I mean autoelectrical garage, but they gave us the sad news that we needed a new one and charged us hundreds of euros for it.

As we needed it there and then, we were in a bit of a catch 22 situation, so we couldn’t really order one from the UK and then fit it ourselves. So the garage got the pleasure of doing an easy little job too.

We thought we would have a quick checky out to see if it was the same one on the Series III as is on the Santana.

Just to prove I can actually lift the bonnet….

Trying to see the number

Reading off the number

The Santana alternator

Yes, looks the same to us

Looking very similar here. Both the same French company. If we could see the numbers on the Santana – they have worn off – we could have confirmed it. Anyway we reckoned it was.

So out with the relatively new one (from the Series), and it was added to the ever-growing chest of spares to travel permanently in the back of the Santana.

Tightened up the fan belt in the Santana and it immediately seemed to charge better. Maybe it’s just a short somewhere. I really must buy that Haynes guide to electrics for idiots though.


Kaiser Chef said…
I am duly impressed at your mechanical knowledge.Relieved you can actually lift the bonnet….. ;0)Have gone for a short comment today? But no doubt will not win a prize.

21 MARCH 2008 14:42
El Casareño Inglés said…
Glad you found the Santana alternativor? cheaper.I had the same story with a Suzuki Samurai. I had various local quotes of between 500 and 700 euro for a new one. My local Suzuki dealership (Gallardo, Algeciras) put me onto Santana and got me one for 300 euro including IVA.

15 MAY 2008 16:08