What a pane (1) – offside!

Last year, some unpleasant person, or persons unknown, smashed the windows in our Santana. Not just one, but virtually all of them, including the windscreen.

There is nowhere to source them in Gib, and the cost of getting new glass or doors shipped from the UK was prohibitive.

If the intention was to put us off the road, then it wasn’t a bad start.

Still, with the help of friends, we managed to locate some promising scrapyards in Andalucía, and equipped with all the necessary bits of glass/doors, started to put it back together.

First the rear window. Either the vandals were getting tired at this point, or someone had appeared and they didn’t want to be caught in the act, but only the left-hand side one was smashed. The one we had replaced the previous year in fact. Link here. Oh well, it seemed the easiest place to start as at least we had experience of it.

When we did this window the last time, we (ie he) didn’t get the small aluminium box sections in the correct place. There are three of them at both the top and bottom, and they have tiny holes that need to align with the trim. The good news is, that if you confuse them when you take them off, you can work out what goes where because of the holes.

There is also one on each side, but that isn’t such a problem in terms of confusion, but each one is a pig to get back in as the trim is very tight on the sides.

As before, it helps to have two pairs of hands, a) for the pop-riveting and b) for pulling the side trim around to fix the small box sections back inside.

So here we go …..

Well and truly smashed

Drilling out the pop rivets

Rivets out, next step frame

And frame out

Taking out the trim and box sections

Putting the frame back in

Gently pushing it back into place

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The last step was to refit the rubber over the pop rivets, for pix of that, check out the previous post in the link above.

We’ve got quite good at this, and at least we did a better job this time having learned our lessons from before.


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