A rant

Well, as I’ve said before, we read a lot of Land Rover forums. So I’m not going to say which one I’m talking about because it shouldn’t reflect on the site or the mods/admin of the site concerned. And when I say, a lot of forums that is exactly what I mean.

This is a rant about some of the tossers who use the sites. Actually it has now turned into a rant about one particular tosser. With an amazingly fast learning curve.

So when happily surfing Landy forums the other day, I was reading a thread about someone asking for technical help.

As usual a few people came on to give a number of suggestions. Very good, peeps, that’s what forums are about.

One suggestion was one I’ve not read about before on the internet. And someone else came on and said, that may work or not (paraphrased).

Well, actually, sweetheart, the person who responded, said it had worked for them on a number of occasions. So why be so rude? If you haven’t tried it and can’t comment either way, you are not adding any value at all. In fact, I think it would be a really good idea, if people like you, shut the fuck up when you don’t know what you are talking about.

But, as I don’t want to make assumptions about people, especially ones who claim they are in their 20s, and therefore maybe don’t have as much Land Rover experience as the rest of us who are a bit older, I thought it would be a good idea to look at the rest of your posts. In the less than 12 months since you joined that particular forum.

I see that in the less than 12 months you have been the proud possessor of at least three Land Rovers, one of which you broke for spares, and made a number of postings on the for sale section, and ebay. In fact, not content with that, you also advertised the same for sale items within the relevant Land Rover model section of that forum. Don’t know how many vehicle forums you are on (if you are) under a different name.

And you are looking at buying another Land Rover, naturally, just to help with your rebuilds, although you may be able to pick up a few pennies by selling the other bits……

You have started a lot of threads. (Far more than me which isn’t difficult). Particularly in your first month. I’m not sure you have responded to a lot of people though with helpful advice – apart from the obvious, that you could have nicked from elsewhere.

Let’s see now. Asking for advice, young, enthusiastic. Doesn’t know much about Land Rovers. And yet, capable of buying bargain Land Rovers, breaking them, and selling a lot of stuff on eBay? Declaring it to the revenue are you? Or maybe it is a full-time business? If so, I don’t think you should be advertising under private members’ sections.

I could have got this wrong. Sometimes, although not often, I do get things wrong. Usually when I am not cynical enough.

But so far I see:

– you are someone who answers a thread and provides inaccurate advice (ie not a response to the question) and then rubbishes someone else’s views.

And this is because either

a) you don’t know what you are talking about


b) you do, but you like a nice veneer of incompetence and amateur youthful enthusiasm so you can keep on flogging stuff


c) there is some other perfectly reasonable explanation that I have not thought of.

Now. This is my blog and I can write what I want. Any comments from anyone and I will happily consider them. And if I don’t like them they are right in the trash. Which is where you should be. And actually, everyone else who abuses these forums, because there are loads of you around.


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