Importing your vehicle into Gibraltar

This is not difficult.

Step 1

Take your vehicle to the Customs Office (near the freight/commercial entrance to Gib), and ask for an assessment of the value. This varies depending on the condition of the vehicle, and the duty to import it varies depending on the size of the engine.

More info on import duty regarding engine size, new/second-hand car on my later post here.

Pay your money. Cash or cheque from a Gib bank account only. A British bank account is no good. You get a receipt. Obviously.

Step 2

You now have your Gib registration number so you need to go and buy your plates immediately. There is a good place on Devil’s Tower Road – Car Care Centre – that will do plates on the spot. You need to produce your Gib ID card and customs paperwork.

Affix said plates.

Step 3

Buy insurance. You can’t buy the insurance without the Gib registration number, so you need to do it immediately afterwards. We used Solrac in Tuckey’s Lane. They were very efficient and very fast. We got cover for Gibraltar, Spain and Portugal, including breakdown cover. We produced our last British NCD and our recent Spanish policy plus a note from the Spanish insurers to say we had made no claims.

Step 4

Armed with Gib number and insurance (which you need to produce), book your MoT. We were lucky and got a quick appointment. After passing your MoT the paperwork takes about a week.

Step 5

Pick up your Registration Certificate. You are on the road again. Don’t forget to carry all paperwork in the Iberian peninsula.

Adrian and Marc outside the Santana, photo courtesy of Brigid, received the other day, thanks Brig


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