MoTs and Roadworthy

It’s a lot of years since we drove a car that had a “roadworthy” certificate. Back in Aus to be honest.

So we were mildly entertained to discover that our new MoT certificate here in Gibraltar is also a roadworthiness certificate.

We were impressed with the good service at the MoT station, the fast appointment, and the courteous and helpful attitude of the inspectors and office staff on the day.

Now we just have to get our registration document next week.

Bureaucracy and paperwork aren’t always difficult. First the Customs staff, and then the Department of Transport people, have all been patient and taken the time to explain what we needed to do to import our vehicle into Gibraltar.

Thanks everyone.

One of our neighbours was surprised it went through the MoT. She thinks it is an old shed. She basically doesn’t like Land Rovers. She doesn’t understand that it is well-maintained, and looked after. It isn’t new, it isn’t pretty, it isn’t bling. But it works, and when it doesn’t we fix it.
In-between we service it, and check it over anyway.

It could always fail the MoT on something, we aren’t professional mechanics. We checked all the obvious things, but it is up to the MoT inspector on the day to decide.

But, it isn’t us who are spending a fortune on garage bills because we can’t sort out our nice little Euro-box.


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