Does this look like a Sport Utility Vehicle?

Like really?

This is a Long Wheel Base ie 109″, Five Door Station Wagon, 3500 diesel, Land Rover Santana. It does not, by any stretch of the imagination, go like shit off a stick. But it does pull up hills. Forever. It rarely goes into High/Low – or Largo/Corto – ratio because the traction is usually good enough anyway.

Anyway, happily it passed its first MoT in Gibraltar. We have imported it onto Gib plates so now we are awaiting the registration papers.

On the form, I described it as a Five Door Station Wagon. Yes? Does that seem reasonable?

Apparently it has to be described as an SUV. Does it look like a popular Sport Utility Vehicle? That someone would pile loads of kids into, and drive them to school? Or maybe occasionally go down a bumpy track?

It is a truck. In fact, when it was registered in Spain in 1988, the road tax was minimal because it was classified as a truck. But do I care? No. There is no road tax here in Gibraltar, the MoT is every two years, and the insurance is lower. I can live with my SUV. Not that I will be calling it that in a hurry.


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