Axles and diffs

I have no idea what sort of axles and diffs I have on my Land Rover Santana 3.5 diesel 6 cylinder Station Wagon (DL Super).

They are not like any axles on any of the Land Rovers I have owned. They are not Rover, and they are not Salisbury. Could they be ENV? Both front and rear axles are very big and strong.

Can anyone shed any light on them for me?

Front axle

Front axle

Front axle

Front axle number

Rear axle

Rear axle

Rear axle

Rear axle number

If you have any idea please comment below (anonymous usually works ok). Thanks. Adrian


4 thoughts on “Axles and diffs

    • Thanks Ian, and for following. For some reason this blog would NOT import from blogger and I’ve had to start importing every post individually. What a pain. I thought I had left it private as well as it is in such a mess!!!!! I contacted WordPress about it but haven’t got around to trying any of their suggestions. It’s probably an easier read on the old blog still, same URL but blogspot instead of wordpress. You’ve nudged me into sorting it out now. Someone did comment about these on the old blog too.

      Nice to meet you. (Oh, I’m not Adrian by the way).

  1. The blog looks OK to me despite your problems 🙂

    I found it today while doing a search for Land Rover in the topics section so it is not private. I’ll have a good read over the weekend, didn’t have much time at lunchtime today. I’m trying to find all the genuine Land Rover enthusiast blogs in amongst all the adverts and marketing stuff. I think we are few and far between on WordPress….mind you that pretty much mirrors real life as there are not many people driving 30+ year old Series Land Rovers around here either.

    Take care and I look forward to reading more.

    • Catch up with you later, and I’ll try and tidy up the blog and import some more posts before the weekend!! You’re right, t’would be good to build up a network of enthusiasts though.

      Laters, and thanks.

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